Course description

Our course is about much more than just taking pictures. Your passion for photography will provide you with a solid base from which to develop your practical skills and knowledge and enable you to gain a usable understanding of visual language and its contextual importance.

We will encourage you to express your creative abilities, exploring and combining new knowledge, skills, and understanding to develop photographic practice in a variety of contexts, environments, and media. You will be free to explore traditional and contemporary photography, take advantage of the numerous local photographic opportunities and encouraged to get involved with the vibrant and diverse creative community, all while learning specialist and transferable skills from industry experts and our highly experienced and qualified tutors.

In your first year we will introduce you to the essential photographic knowledge and skills you will need when working with camera and light, helping you to create a well exposed image. You’ll learn post-production skills needed for successful darkroom printing and digital manipulations and also develop creative strategies and visual communication techniques that will enable you to effectively respond to client briefs and projects.  Modules are:

  • 101 – Light and Camera
  • 102 – Traditional and Digital Media
  • 103 – Moving Image
  • 104 – Generate Communicate
  • 105 – Contextual Studies 1
  • 106 – Professional Development

During the second year you will develop more critical and analytical skills as you will have the freedom to explore and experiment in any photographic related medium you wish. You will be asked to evaluate your work on a personal and professional level. You will be able to work on a self-devised commercial brief and a work experience placement providing you with an opportunity to showcase your skills, and you will be able to gain a greater understanding and context of photography, helping to prepare you for your final year.  Modules are:

  • 201 – Extending Practice
  • 202 – Applied Practice
  • 203 – Contextual Studies 2
  • 204 – Personal and Professional Development
  • 205 – Portfolio Project

In your final year you will be able to cultivate innovative approaches and reflect upon past practice. You will contextualise your work and write an extended essay, as well as fine-tune your photography skills; all helping you to discover your future pathway in the industry.  Modules are:

  • 301 – Specialist Practice
  • 302 -– Extended Essay
  • 303 – Professional Development and Progression
  • 304 – Major Project

The modules shown for this course are those currently being studied by our students, or are proposed new modules. Please note that programme structures and individual modules are subject to amendment from time to time as part of the University’’s curriculum enrichment programme and in line with changes in the University’’s policies and requirements.


The course is taught by experienced academic staff, all of whom have a background in teaching and work in the industry.  Their knowledge is invaluable at bringing this course to life and giving the best balance of theory with practical application.

Students are assessed by a carefully selected mix of assignments, presentations and portfolio.


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