Alexander Brattell

Alex Brattell began photographing in 1981 for the Liverpool music & arts fanzine “Breakout” and went on to learn his craft as a commercial photographer employed in companies before setting up on his own in 1986.

From 1987 to 2005 he had a studio in East London photographing people, objects, interiors, food and almost anything else for publications, agencies, artists, designers and craftspeople. He has particular expertise photographing objects and paintings in all media for artists, designers & craftspeople and working for the hospitality and entertainment industries.

His work has appeared in The Sunday Telegraph, The Times, GQ, Arena, fRoots, Tandoori, Square Meal, Skin Two, 2000AD, Prediction, The Fortean Times and many others.

He has always made pictures for exhibition, often working in series, still preferring to make his own prints in a darkroom. His photographs communicate moments of heightened awareness, anomalies and curiosities found in the mundane world that point to aspects of human experience best articulated in visual rather than verbal vocabularies.

His prints are sold by Eyestorm and Lucy Bell Fine Art.

Since 1996 he has been a part time teacher of photography working in colleges, universities, galleries and community venues helping people realise voice through photography.

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